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Hillsside Plumbing, Excavations & Hire

Welcome to the Website of Hillsside Plumbing, Excavations & Hire.

Lic Plumbers, drainers, gasfitters and Sydney Water Accredited Minor and Major work contractors.

Contractors Auth 64949C. All new installations come with a 7 year workmanship guarantee.

The licensee for Hillsside Plumbing division is John A Sultana. He has approximately 30 years experience. The firm was first established in 1994. We are proud to say that in the 24 years of operation we have managed to earn and maintain an excellent reputation. Please read some of our testimonials. For some good advice and to save youself some headaches before you employ a contractor check out their credibility with the Department of Fair Trading at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

You'll find we have a good credibility rating.

We are also members of the Master Plumbers Association.

Work that we specialize in:

1) Drainage
      a) Sewer - domestic - commercial - industrial
      b) Renewals
      c) Subdivision sidelines and sewers
      d) Creek diversions - culverts
      e) Septic tanks
      f) Recycling plants
      g) Absorption trenches
      h) Jetters and camera snake
      i) 4WD Robotic Cameras

2) Water
      a) Drillings main to meters
      b) Water service 20mm-450mm
      c) Water mains - Sydney Water
      d) Jetters and camera snake
      e) 4WD Robotic Cameras

3) Gas
      a) LPG installations
      b) High med and low pressure gas mains

4) Roofing
      a) General repairs
      b) Roofing
      c) Guttering
      d) Box gutters
      e) Downpipes

5) Sydney Water
      a) Peg outs
      b) Encasements
      c) Sewer and water constructions
      d) Applications for Section 73
      e) Hydraulic engineering

6) CCTV 4WD camera
      a) Pipe and service locating equipment
      b) Jetter and Sewer Inspection Camera

We cater for:

General,domestic,commercial and industrial, civil etc

Depatrments we are accredited to work for:

      1) Sydney Water
      2) Agility
      3) Local council and Government depatrments
      4) State Rail
      5) Aboriginal land Council
      6) Strata groups
      7) Real estate agents
      8) Insurance companies

Other things that Hillsside do:

      a) Footings
      b) Rubbish removal and site clearing
      c) Tree removal including stump
      d) Site remediation
      e) Rock excavations and concrete
      f) Soil supplies, gravels etc
      g) Subdivision Management

      h) Traffic management
      i) Construction training
      j) All aspects of plumbing and draining
      k) Concreting bitumen repairs

The licensee of Hillsside, John Sultana, currently holds:

      a) Plumbers, drainers,gasfitters and roof plumbing licence - Licence #16421S
      b) Contractors Licence - Hillsside Plumbing - Licence #64949S
      c) Sydney Water Drillers licence - ID #1068
      d) Rail Infrastructure Licence - Cert #R17237
      e) Confined Space Licence - D0014002533
      f) Minor works Sydney Water Licence - Licence #895
      g) Major works Sydney Water Licence - SSV-QA-L-00119
      h) Excavations Licence - LB LS LE - Licence #0000062139

Hillsside Plumbing, Excavations & Hire

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